5 Tips for Curating Your Instagram Grid

When it comes to your brand’s Instagram, you should consider it as a way to tell your story through visual content. Your brand’s Instagram grid should be a space where people want to spend time and look at what your brand is all about and what you have to say. Chances are if they like what they see they will head to your website to check out the product or services you offer. So your Instagram should be treated as a first impression; you want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

The best way to make your Instagram feed to look amazing and to engage your followers and target audience is to curate it. A curated Instagram grid is consistent above all else. It will include consistent subject matter, messages that align with your brand’s voice and values, and a consistent “vibe” or aesthetic. When someone looks at your Instagram profile, you want all of the posts featured to look cohesive and pleasing to the eye. 

So how do you curate your grid to set the right tone and make a great impression? We have curated hundreds of grids for our clients, so we’re sharing our top five tips to make your Instagram grid look incredible!

  1. Plan Ahead

We can’t stress this enough. Curating your grid in advance is so important! We recommend apps like Planoly or Later where you can plan posts and see what they will look like all together on your profile. Doing this will help you be able to see what looks good together and what doesn’t, before it goes on your profile! This also saves you a ton of time in the long run, as you’re able to plan weeks and even months in advance!

  1. Pick A Color Scheme

When you look at a beautifully curated Instagram feed, chances are it looks so pleasing to the eye because all of the posts have a similar, cohesive color scheme. Choosing to filter your photos in a similar way makes everything look like it goes together! You don’t have to settle on one color to play off of, you can choose to go with a palette that looks good together. This is a great way to incorporate your brand’s colors as well! Don’t feel like you have to keep up with one color scheme though, you can change it up occasionally to keep things interesting and fresh!

One of our clients is an apartment complex in downtown, Columbus! Their building is a bright and bold red, so we incorporated the red color scheme into their grid to make it fun while also aligning with their brand!
  1. Play With Patterns

You can mix up photos, videos, and graphics in your grid and still make it cohesive! You can create branded graphics that work with the “vibe” of the photos and videos of your feed! This is where establishing a color scheme can come in handy. When you are looking at your grid, you don’t want a graphic post to stick out like a sore thumb… you want it to look like it belongs there! 

One thing we like to do with graphics in a feed is to space them out in a pattern. Check out the example below! We use graphics every six posts so that it lays out cohesively on our grid. Doing this makes our feed look so much more planned and thought out! The graphics look like they belong there, rather than just sprinkled in randomly. 

We love to mix it up with graphics and photo content in our feed! We laid out the graphics in a pattern to make it look much more cohesive.
  1. Pick Quality Content

When it comes to what kind of content to curate on your grid, you want it to be quality so that it represents your brand well. If your brand sells a product or a service, you may consider investing in professional product photos to use on your grid. Posting quality content speaks volumes to your brand, and can help to communicate your level of professionalism and credibility!

  1. Ask a Pro

If you’re totally new to content curation, it may pay to ask a professional to help with your social media management and grid curation. We like to think that we’ve got grid curation down to a science, so we’d love to chat with you and help your brand put together an Instagram grid that will attract followers and grow your engagement!

Andrea Archibald

Andrea Archibald

Andrea brought Beachwood Creative to life in 2018. Since then, she has enjoyed meeting various brands and small business owners to help them create and implement a unique marketing strategy that aligns with their values and mission.

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