New Packaging for Simply Gum 

We always love creating content for Simply Gum, but when they recently asked us to shoot a set of content featuring their new packaging, we were extra excited. Earlier this year we shot the images that are now featured front and center on the new Peanut Butter Crispies and Salted Peanut Chocolate Date Bars packaging.

We’re obsessed with how these detailed shots of the product look on the bags. When it comes to images used on product packaging, it’s so important for the image to give the consumer an accurate idea of what to expect without having to open the bag. Our goal was to capture the crispiness of the peanuts and the richness of the dates. How do you think they turned out?

Check out more of our creative work for Simply Gum here CASE STUDY: Simply Gum :: Behance

Andrea Archibald

Andrea Archibald

Andrea brought Beachwood Creative to life in 2018. Since then, she has enjoyed meeting various brands and small business owners to help them create and implement a unique marketing strategy that aligns with their values and mission.

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